To ensure that your visit to the national park allows you to enjoy the journey in its entirety, and to avoid setbacks, it is recommended to follow a series of practical tips.

  • Remember that hiking is the best way to explore the patrimony of the natural reserves

  • Please use only the signed hiking trails

  • Never light a fire

  • Please always respect the flora and do not pull out any flower or plant

  • Enjoy observing and respect the fauna and its natural habita

  • Please do no take or move stones or other minerals. They are also protected patrimony.

  • Listen the sound and the silence of the nature. Please avoid making unnecessary noise.

  • Please take all the waste and put it in the suiatble containers. Let the landscape clean, we all would like to enjoy it.

  • Please take your pets only leashed.

  • Please respect private property. Do not trespass plantations and do not destroy them.

  • To pitch a tent please use only the indicated places.

  • Please respect the signes and the others facilities of the reserves.


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